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Tru-Color TCP-233 CNJ Central New Jersey Deep Sea Green 1 oz Acrylic Paint

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This is a 1 oz (30ml) Plastic jar of paint from Tru-Color

Manufactured by Tru-Color Paint LLC.

Tru-Color Paint Line Features-

A solvent based paint designed for the modeler.

It is designed to be air-brushed without the need for thinning.

Suggested clean-up of the air-brush equipment with with acetone

Shake well before using.  For proper color match excellent for spraying directly from bottle without thinning. Can be sprayed directly on most plastics or metals used in models.  Surface of model should  be thoroughly cleaned before

Painting.   Add TCP-17 flat for less glossy appearance.

Tru-color TCP-07 primer may be used on metals and plastics.


Avoid prolonged contact with skin breathing or vapor or spray mist.

Use in well ventilated area.  Harmful or fatal if swallowed.

Caution extremely FLAMMABLE

Keep away from heat, sparks or open flame keep out of reach of small children.   Do not apply to window sills, toys, furnitureor interior surfaces of rooms which may be used by children

Contains no Lead Contains acetone,

ethanol-methylethyl ketone, toluene, propylalcohol dacetone alcohol or butylester acetic acid.

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