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Woodland Scenics ST1437 Sub Terrain System Hot Wire Foam Cutter Bow & Guide

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The Bow adds versatility to the Hot Wire Foam Cutter and cuts a path 4.5 in wide by 6 inches deep. Attach the Guide for precise angle cuts. Use only special nichrome replacement wire. To avoid the emission of toxic fumes, we recommend using the Foam Cutter Bow & Guide on Woodland Scenics foam products only. Hot Wire Foam Cutter not included.

Subterrain Lightweight Layout System®

Woodland Scenics has simplified the process. Build a layout fast and easy. 

SubTerrain is the most innovative foam system for building model train layouts. 

The revolutionary, high-density foam components of the SubTerrain System 

are extremely lightweight and easy to use. 

They require no expensive power tools, there is no dusty mess, 

no complicated calculations required and most importantly, 

no experience is necessary.