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Superior Scenics CNW Chicago Northwestern Pink Lady Very Fine Ballast 42 oz Bag

  • 2495

This Pink Lady is the real deal, just in smaller scale to fit your needs!  This ballast is used by many railroads throughout the country but is particularly known for its use by the Chicago Northwestern (CNW).  The Wisconsin Southern (WSOR) also used Pink Lady.  There are several grades (particle sizes) to choose from, as well as package sizes.  We acquire Pink Lady directly from the quarry in the same area that supplies the “real railroads.”  It is also suitable for many other model applications.  It is typically used alongside roads, in landscapes, or in railcar loads.  It could also be used for those who model farm dioramas, doll houses, war games, or fairy gardens.  It’s use is only limited by your imagination. Use the particle size appropriate for your scale.

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