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Kalmbach 15347 Model Railroader Airbrushing Techniques: Getting Started DVD

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FineScale Modeler and Model Railroader Video Plus team up to bring you Airbrushing Techniques: Getting Started DVD. Modeler Aaron Skinner takes you through the basics of setting up and using an airbrush to add many exciting paint details and effects to your models. Aaron covers the basics of airbrushes, compressed air sources, and painting techniques to help you get up, running, and making better models quickly. It doesn’t matter whether you are building tanks, ships, or model railroads, Aaron has the tips and techniques you need to get a great paint finish. 
• Part 1: Selecting an airbrush                           6:00             
• Part 2: Air supply sources and pressure          7:00             
• Part 3: Cleaning an airbrush                            5:00             
• Part 4: Basic painting                                       8:30             
• Part 5: Using primers                                        6:00             
• Part 6: Filling gaps                                            8:00             
• Part 7: Shading                                                 9:00             
• Part 8: Masking                                                13:00             
• Part 9: Large decals                                          6:00             
• Part 10: Putting it all together                          20:00             
Approximate Running Time                        1 hour 30 min.


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