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Kalmbach 15312 DCC Programming DVD Volume 2

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Dana Kawala is back with more great advice for getting the most out of your Digital Command Control equipped locomotives. In volume 2 of this series, Dana shows you how to program your locomotives for lighting, sound, and weight effects to simulate realistic train control. He also shows you how to reprogram function buttons on your DCC throttle and explains one of Digital Command Controls more complex configuration variables, CV29. You won’t want to miss Dana’s great programming tips on this DVD. 
• Getting the most out of CV 29           12:00
• Programming momentum                 13:00
• Better control with function mapping          12:00
• Manual notching for sound locomotives         14:00
• Lighting effects for your locomotives             12:30
• Using Back EMF                     8:00
Approximate Running Time                 1:11:30