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Kalmbach 15309 Mastering Scenery Basics: Backdrops Volume #1 DVD

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Adding a backdrop to a model railroad goes a long way to bringing realism to your layout. On this DVD you’ll learn how to make a backdrop from styrene sheet and simple dimensional lumber. We then show you two different methods for painting hills, trees, clouds, and other scenic features on our Olympia and Thin Branch project railroads. And the best part is you don’t have to be an artist to get good results from either technique! 

• Building a backdrop 12:00 
• Pre for painting 7:00 
• Easy trees with an airbrush 10:00 
• Brushing painting hazy hills 12:00 
• Detailing the hills with distant trees 10:00 
• Adding a river 10:00 
• Detailed foreground trees 12:00 
• Easy clouds 12:00 

Approximate Running Time 1:23:00

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