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HO Scale Walthers Cornerstone 933-3167 Wide Oil Storage Tank w/Berm Kit

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A must for your oil industry scenes. Surround your United Petroleum Refining facility with a tank farm comprised of Tall and Wide Oil Storage Tanks. You can also use them at pipeline terminals, chemical companies, corn processing facilities, ethanol plants, port facilities and at railroad yards where they're used for fuel and oil storage. Easy-to-build kit creates a wide 575,000-gallon tank, and includes a stairway molded to fit the tank body, berm crossover stairways and decals. Also included are modular retention berms which can be used to combine multiple tanks into a complete scene. 
Finished model measures:
7-1/2" Diameter x 4" 
19.1 x 10.2cm 
Retention Berms: 
12-1/2 x 12-1/2" 
31.8 x 31.8cm 

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