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HO Scale Walthers Cornerstone 933-2916 Diesel House Building Kit

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 Interior Inspection Pits,
 Platforms & Craneway 
 Use with Classic or Modern Power 
 Hold Locos up to 17" Long 
"Set your train over on Two Track; power to the house," crackles the cab radio. The crew shuffles its train into the yard and guides its two Alcos to rest just outside the diesel house. The hostler greets the crew and climbs aboard. The burbling machines begin rolling through the big doors and stop next to the servicing platforms. Within a few minutes, the shop crew is inspecting the units from above, inside and underneath. 
At many yards, the diesel house is a hotbed of activity. Arriving locomotives are run through the structure where mechanics check them over and make light repairs and adjustments. If major defects are noted, the units are bad ordered and shipped off to the road's backshop for further work. 
This Cornerstone Series Diesel House model is patterned after structures used by railroads across the continent. Perfect for use alongside other Walthers engine servicing facility structures, this kit includes realistic interior inspection walkways and below-track inspection pits. There's even room inside for adding the Overhead Traveling Crane, 933-3102 (sold separately) for more authenticity. The building holds diesels up to 17" long on three tracks - perfect for classic or modern diesels. Buildings like this are still in use across the land, so the Diesel House will look at home on your 1950s or later pike.

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