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HO Scale Walthers SceneMaster 949-4105 Extendible Container Chassis Kit (2) pcs

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OEM in Packaging/Box

All parts are styrene plastic, so use compatible paint and glue to assemble and
 finish your model. The introduction of longer and heavier containers in the1980s 
lead to the development of new railroad equipment along with chassis for moving 
containers by truck. Most available chassis were designed for the then standard 20' 
and 40' containers used in in international service, but new designs for domestic 
service were being built at 45' and later 48' lengths, the same as contemporary 
highway trailers. For shippers, this meant a large investment in new equipment, 
and maintaining large fleets at each terminal to meet demand. To overcome these 
problems, the extendible container chassis was developed, based around a 
telescoping tube. Adjustable from 40' to as much as 48' long in a matter of minutes,
 the bogey could also be moved on the frame to handle the added weight of longer 
containers, while the front incorporated a “goose neck” for handling taller containers 
as well. The flexibility and adaptability of the design made it extremely popular and 
they’re still widely used today. A must for contemporary layouts, hundreds of chassis
 can be found at a typical intermodal terminal spotted trackside for loading, 
held in reserve,or heading out on the highways. 

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