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HO Scale Railtown 2901 Medium Blue Two-Unit Self-Storage Facility Building Kit

  • 1599

Everybody needs more space these days, and these self-storage units make a great addition to modern layouts. Parts for two complete units are provided, which can be arranged to fit small or odd-shaped spaces just like the prototypes. Each includes doors on both sides of the building, gutters, down spouts, a rooftop ridge vent, and curbs around the door entries. Roll-up doors come with and without padlock details (to model a few units that are available for rent) plus lift handles and frames. The entry door has a small handle, and both the door and window also have frames. For more detail, there's a large sign complete with post and base. Decals are included for window blinds and typical small window signs, along with the large Lock-It-Up lettering for both sides of the street sign.

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