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HO Scale Atlas Gold 10003578 Rock Island 4596 U30C w/LokSound & DCC

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Built by General Electric between 1966 and 1976, the six-axle, 3,000 horsepower U30C locomotive was primarily used in heavy-haul road freight and unit train service. This model represents the more common "Phase III" car body style, which applies to most locomotives produced after 1970.
* Adirondack floating bolster trucks with or without bearing caps as appropriate per railroad
* Coupler pocket designed to accept AccuMate(R) Proto-couplers
* Golden-white LEDs
* Antenna detail where appropriate per road name
* Realistic die cast underframe
* Five-pole skewed armature motor with dual flywheels for optimum performance at all speeds
* Separately installed scale windshield wipers, metal grab irons and fine scale handrails
* Directional lighting
* With or without nose headlight as appropriate per railroad
* Non-operating cab roof-top beacon detail where appropriate per road name
* Detailed crew members
* Marker lights with separate lenses
* Snowplow
* Separately applied drop steps
* 4-Function HO Dual-Mode Decoder (Digital units only)
* Recommended radius: 22"
* Electronic Dual-Mode(R) Decoder (e-DMD) that allows your locomotive to run in DCC or traditional DC
QSI(R) Quantum System(TM) Features Include:
* Quantum Revolution Technology
* Compatible with the NMRA DCC Standards and RPs
* Supports 2 and 4-Digit Addressing
* Programmable acceleration, deceleration & starting voltage
* Complete sound file downloading supports cut & paste or editing of sound records
* Analog Control using the Quantum Engineer(TM)
* High quality 16-bit digital sound with 8 Sound Channels
* Individual, adjustable volume controls
* Authentic diesel engine sounds; other sounds include air horn/bell, Doppler effect, brake squeal, coupling/uncoupling/air hose parting
* Stat Chat, Verbal Audible response to programming commands
* Sound of Power by Load Conditions
* Improved Notching and Transitions
Note: Due to the higher starting voltage required to operate the sound system, it is not possible to MU a non-sound-equipped loco in DC (analog) mode
AccuMate(R) couplers are made under license from AccuRail, Inc.