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Model Master 4697 Tan FS20400 1/2 oz Acrylic Paint Bottle

Model Master 4697 Tan FS20400 1/2 oz Acrylic Paint Bottle

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This is a 1/2 oz (14.7ml) Glass jar of Acrylic Paint from Model Master

Manufactured by Testors

The Model Master 4600/4700 line of Acrylic Paints offer Excellent range of hundreds of authentically matched colors in a certified non-toxic, fast-drying, easy water wash-up acrylic formula.

Model car enthusiasts can airbrush this acrylic paint and get an exceptional high-gloss finish.

Comes in military, automotive and general colors.   Acrylic flat paints are technically-advanced-thanks to superior emulsion resins, pigments and formulation.  Acryl flats are "flatter."

Modelers appreciate Acrylic's high degree of self-leveling - it flows more smoothly and dries more evenly for a "flatter" flat finish.  No rough spots... no shiny edges.

Caution:  Keep from small children.  Contains Glycol Ethers.   In case of eye contact, flush with plenty of water.   

Do not take internally.


Surface should be cleaned and free of oil and dust.   Stir well before use.   Allow 4 hours before recoating.   Thin sparingly with Acrylic Enamel Thinner #50496.   Water wash-up.  Store at room temperature.

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