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Model Master 1409 Metalizer Lacquer Sealer 1-3/4 oz Paint Bottle

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This is a 1-3/4oz Jar of Thinner for Metalizer from Testors. Can be used for all Metalizer colors when thinning is desired. Can also be used to clean airbrushes. Glass jar with standard metal lid. It is a 1-3/4oz Jar of Thinner for Metalizer.
Metalizer is a unique metalizing "plate" finish, especially formulated 
for all kinds of plastic models. 
It is a high quality product manufactured with the 
finest materials available.
The Metalizer line consists of a wide range of buffing and nonbuffing
which allow you to duplicate any natural metal finish.  
No other product offers the capability
and versatility of Metalizer. 
Metalizer is also easy to use.  
All colors are pre-mixed for airbrushing--
simply apply to your clean, unainted model according 
to the following directions, let dry for several minutes, 
and then buff to a brilliant metal sheen with a clean, soft cloth.
In order to achieve optimum results, 
carefully read the information found in the Special Hints
& Suggestions section of this brochure.

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